The United States follows a federal form of government, where the President is the head of the state as well as the government. There exist the state governments. The different powers are distributed between the federal and the state government. Some of the powers are under the exclusive purview of the federal government, while there are others, where the state government has the final say. Other than these two governments there are the different local governments. The other name given to the local government is the city government.

While both the federal as well as state government serve the people, it is the city government, which serves the people directly. It is the purview of the city government to take care of the basic needs of the people. For example, police protection, fire protection, sanitary codes, health regulations, along with public transport, housing and education come under the jurisdiction of the local governments. The beauty of the local governments is that in most cases these government are non partisan in nature. Often the party affiliations are all forgotten, when it comes to governing the city. There are different types of city government, which govern the cities, with the help of the city charter given by the state government. It is the charter, which lists out in details the objectives and powers of the local government.